The US “Health Care System” is Broken

One of the things that has become so glaring is that health care in the US isn’t working…If we have learned nothing else in the past couple of years, it is that our health care system is oh so broken in many ways!1  One study cited that the main issue with the broken system essentially comes back to a problem in LEADERSHIP!2  I agree on so many levels.  Although this is not a simple problem, it can be improved if enough people will wake up!

Risky pharmaceuticals are coming to market without adequate clinical trials (even recommended for children).

People are being taught that health is in a vile rather than in food, exercise, sun, sleep, etc. 

Fear is used to scare people out of hugging, going for a walk, gathering with loved ones and shaking hands.  I could go on… 

And even if none of that bothers you too much, lets look at the RESULTS of this mighty system and put it to the test.  How is it working? 

Prices for “health care” costs continue to rise.  The US remains one of the highest for health care costs (although not the highest for best health).  Efforts made thus far have failed to curtail these prices.3

In the past 2 years, nearly 30% of health care providers have quit (including medical doctors, nurses, etc)!4

Our nation is sicker than ever!  Not only are rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes on the rise…but mental health challenges like anxiety and depression are higher than ever.  Chronic disease is estimated to effect about 50% of the US population.5

If you have faced frustration in regard to getting real help and answers for your health, you’re not alone.

The Problem(s)…

  1. People only seek help with their health when they are sick, in pain or otherwise not functioning.  This is SICK care, not HEALTH care.
  2. Most practitioners (even many more natural ones), only manage the symptoms- they don’t seek root causes.
  3. Personal responsibility is removed from both the doctor (very little accountability for practicing with compassion, research, and excellence).
  4. Personal responsibility is taken from the “patient”.  Most people believe that they have no control over their health and that headaches, high blood pressure, weight, pain, disease, etc, just randomly fall on them, especially as they age.  Too many believe that their health decisions are up to their doctor.
  5. There is a lack of education on the part of the doctor.  This isn’t always their fault.  Most medical schools don’t require, and some don’t even offer classes in nutrition.  Also, most medical practices give doctors very little time to spend being updated on the latest research or alternative options to what they already know.
  6. There’s a lack of education on the part of the “patient”.  The term “doctor” comes from a Latin word that means TEACHER.  The doctor should be teaching the client about what is going on and how they can improve.  Clients should be seeking to learn and understand how to properly care for the health of themselves and their family.
  7. The Hippocratic oath is taken but not upheld.  “First, do no harm.”   This means that if a person’s challenge can be helped with apple cider vinegar, it is NOT prudent to use medications with known dangerous side effects.  
  8. People aren’t getting better.  The stats for overweight, cancer, diabetes, etc are not improving, verifying that the system is indeed not working.
  9. People are deemed “healthy” if their labs are normal, etc…even if they are overweight, don’t sleep well, have pain, etc.  A lack of diagnosed disease is not the same as having real HEALTH.
  10. Many medical procedures are often dictated by insurance companies, rather than what a trained physician believes is needed.

Of course there is so much more we could say here…but for the sake of keeping positive, let’s talk about SOLUTIONS!

Who is in a position to change this?

You and I are…together!

You vote with your wallet.  You will pay for your health etiher way…either using the the sick-care system (medications, procedures, etc) or through natural means (holistic doctors, herbs and supplements, organic food, etc).

A new model:

So, what does true HEALTH care look like (or what should it look like)?

  1. The doctor and client are PARTNERS with the same goal (optimal health for the client).
  2. The root cause is addressed for any given health challenge. 
  3. Least invasive testing and procedures are always used and exhausted before something more invasive.  (First, do no harm).
  4. The doctor or other provider is responsible for giving great care and for using evidence from research to educate clients.
  5. The client is responsible for their health.  They get empowered, ask questions and DO the work to get and stay healthy.  The decisions on how to care for their health can (and should) be informed by professionals but is always ultimately up to them!
  6. In all care given the entire person is considered holistically.  The client is not a label or symptom but a whole person who’s mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health all impact each other.
  7. We don’t wait for disease to start working on biomarkers or symptoms that are even a little out of range/off.
  8. The standard for health becomes higher.  Instead of calling someone healthy if they don’t have disease, we are looking for them to have no nutrient deficiencies, no pain, good sleep, comfortable digestion, good energy and a balanced pH, etc.
  9. Health care facilities are centers of excellence where there is safety, love, trust, care, empowerment and understanding always pouring out in all that is done.
  10. Personal ego is submitted in exchange to working on a team with the goal of helping the client improve.  Every health care provider knows that they can’t do everything for everyone.  (My current team that I know, trust and love to refer clients to includes: 2 biological dentists, a chiropractor, a personal trainer, a counselor, a massage therapist and more).

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overhauling the health care industry.  But it can be done.  

Stay tuned for more exciting things coming from New Hope Health.  It is my goal to change the face of health care in this beautiful country!

In the meantime, if you need help or are feeling trapped in your current health challenge, please don’t hesitate to call the clinic for help.  269-204-6525.


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Nothing said or implied in this post is intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.  It does not take the place of a qualified health care practitioner and is intended for educational purposes only.

Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

Dr. LeAnn is a practitioner, coach, speaker, consultant, and the founder of New Hope Health. She is also the author of The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint, and Get Healthy Now. She is laser-focused on practical, evidence-based practices to empower her clients to get real results that last. She sets the bar when it comes to radiant health that will change every area of your life forevermore.

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