Raising Testosterone Levels

I have been asked more and more lately how to raise testosterone levels.   This is important to many men for different reasons.  For some it’s because they want to be more aggressive and less fearful or anxious…for others, it has to do with building muscle and looking jacked…and for many it’s about sexual health […]

A Crash Course in Radiant Skin

The skin is often neglected.  We take it for granted until something goes wrong.  When we start to see rashes, acne, wrinkles, red spots or dryness, all the sudden we become aware of our skin again.  It covers you, literally.  As the largest organ in the body, the skin helps protect you from the elements, […]

A Healthy Man has Many Wishes

I have been both blessed and challenged lately by this powerful Indian proverb: A healthy man has many wishes. The sick man only one. Fair warning…this is essentially a page from my personal journal… Blessed… I am blessed to have so much light in the area of health…I love learning about health, strengthening my own health […]

Flex your Longevity Muscle

Muscle doesn’t have to decline with age, but it normally does.  It’s not having birthdays that causes muscle to go down though.  It’s more due to the fact that most people are less active as they age.  That’s great news because that’s something you CAN control! Having less muscle may seem benign…who cares if you […]

Sleep Like a Baby

When you sleep good, life is so much more joyful and easier to navigate.  You just feel better about everything! When you don’t sleep well or enough, you contend with so much more brain fog, moodiness, fatigue, immune stress and food cravings, just to name a few.   For a night here or there, getting […]

Microwaves: Convenience or Danger?

They’re fast and convenient…but are they actually health promoting or even safe?  What do they do to your food?  Is it okay to use them now and then?  Those are the things we will dive into in this post. The use of microwaves has become an even more important topic as we, as a society, […]

Stop Blaming Your MD

You know I am big on personal responsibility…radical responsibility even, as I sometimes refer to it.  To me, this means finding some area in all issues that you face, where you can take full responsibility for as opposed to being a victim.  So, fair warning, this post might hurt a little…but I promise, it’s because […]

A Downside to Exercise?

Make no mistake.  Exercise is magic.  You always feel better after sweating or feeling the burn! I often refer to exercise as The Fountain of Youth.   It does SO much for your physical as well as mental health…SO much!!  It helps improve energy, insulin sensitivity, healthy bowel movements, sleep, mood, focus, circulation, libido, bone […]

All About Organic

What does organic even mean? To be considered certified organic through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), besides heavy fees, there are several hoops that a farmer needs to jump through.  First, the land that they are planning to use, has to be chemical free for at least 3 years before planting.  They also […]

You Don’t Need to Have a Cow

Dairy is addicting.  Most people who eat it, eat it every day or almost every day.  Even those who say, “I don’t do it a lot”, when you dig deeper into their diet, they’re often consuming it almost every day in some form or another, sometimes without awareness.   Dairy includes milk, and anything made […]

Is It Safe to Fly?

I am often asked about the challenges of not just travel in general, but specifically of air travel.  If you have done much flying, you may notice that you don’t feel as great when you land and sometimes that “off” feeling can last for a day or even a few days.  What’s that all about?  […]

Weight Loss is Toxic

Weight loss is toxic.  This can be true for two reasons.  First, because weight loss has become an obsession that in many cases, results in efforts that aren’t healthy at all.  This includes everything from crash diets to poor self-image and all the implications of both.  The second reason, and the purpose of this blog, […]