All About Organic

What does organic even mean? To be considered certified organic through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), besides heavy fees, there are several hoops that a farmer needs to jump through.  First, the land that they are planning to use, has to be chemical free for at least 3 years before planting.  They also […]

You Don’t Need to Have a Cow

Dairy is addicting.  Most people who eat it, eat it every day or almost every day.  Even those who say, “I don’t do it a lot”, when you dig deeper into their diet, they’re often consuming it almost every day in some form or another, sometimes without awareness.   Dairy includes milk, and anything made […]

Is It Safe to Fly?

I am often asked about the challenges of not just travel in general, but specifically of air travel.  If you have done much flying, you may notice that you don’t feel as great when you land and sometimes that “off” feeling can last for a day or even a few days.  What’s that all about?  […]

Weight Loss is Toxic

Weight loss is toxic.  This can be true for two reasons.  First, because weight loss has become an obsession that in many cases, results in efforts that aren’t healthy at all.  This includes everything from crash diets to poor self-image and all the implications of both.  The second reason, and the purpose of this blog, […]

Beans: An Overlooked Superfood

Beans are awesome.  If you don’t know what to make tonight for dinner, involve beans somehow…and make a double batch so you can have it for lunch tomorrow too! Beans are inexpensive, tasty, filling, loaded with nutrition and are a great source of protein.  They also are a great source of sulfur which is a […]

All Those Vegetables

You’re not new to the concept that vegetables are good for you.   You likely know that they are loaded with nutrition, fiber and energy.  Increasing your vegetable intake improves your risk of nearly all lifestyle diseases1, improves your digestion/microbiome2, balances your bodyweight3 and helps your body to detoxify more effectively.   Most Americans are […]

Food Shortage 101

Let me start by saying, I am not afraid.  You do not need to be afraid either.  Chronic fear is not helpful as it hinders immune function, decreases good quality sleep and destroys our focus.   One way to avoid fear, is to be calmly prepared.  Calmly.  Not in a panic or looking for the […]

Investment Advice for the 21st Century

I’m not sure if you have noticed but the world is a bit crazy right now.   There’s so much advice out there about how to invest…stocks, crypto, real estate.  Which is the safest?  What one has the greatest return?  Should I just put my money under the bed?  My husband and I love investing […]

Feeling Stuck?

Have you ever had a time when you recognize that you’re not where you want to be in your health (or life for that matter) but you don’t know what to do?  Maybe you have been trying to lose weight for years, or perhaps you haven’t slept through the night in months, or maybe you’re […]

The US “Health Care System” is Broken

One of the things that has become so glaring is that health care in the US isn’t working…If we have learned nothing else in the past couple of years, it is that our health care system is oh so broken in many ways!1  One study cited that the main issue with the broken system essentially […]

You’ve Totally Wrecked Your Health Program-Now What?

We’ve all been there.  You’re doing great…drinking water, taking supplements, squeezing in your exercise sessions, working on your evening routine and then…THE BOTTOM FALLS OUT.  You end up eating WAY too much or giving in to the junk food in the breakroom or drinking too much at the after-hours event or staying up half the […]

Want Some Fast Food? – No problem!

You want to eat healthy of course but you NEED to do it fast and conveniently.  This blog will give you some quick options for a day of fast food (that won’t contribute to heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few). When I am able to spend more time on meals, great.  But […]