Injured in the Past? Mud Can Help!

If you have any stubborn health challenge, you will want to keep reading.   Maybe you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do.   Or perhaps you have had headaches for the past 20 years.   Or maybe you have always suffered with low energy.   Or any other condition… You may […]

Answers for Gum Disease 

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, occurs when the soft gum tissue in the mouth starts to destruct.1 Besides the obvious reason of having healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile, the gums are important because they are an indication of the health of other tissues.  Those with periodontal disease are more likely […]

Why I Love Cell Membranes (and Why You Should Too)!

Let me start off by saying, I am a nerd and I know it.  There, I got that out.  Now, onto the cell membranes.   You may recall from 8th grade biology that the nucleus is the “brain” of the cell.  The reason this is taught is mainly because the DNA is stored in the […]

Pour Me a Drink…or Not?

There’s so much controversy about alcohol.  Is it always bad?  How much is too much?  Who is most at risk?  Why do some people get addicted quickly while others seem to have no issues. I won’t claim to have all the answers as there are lots of important nuances.  But rather, the purpose of this […]

I Forgive You

Powerful words…I forgive you.  Too often we “move on” but don’t really deal with the actual issue and so, naturally, the issue persists under the surface causing all kinds of pain and tension both physically and in relationships. Forgiveness.  Bitterness.  Grudges.  Whatever you call it…do you understand the impact it may be having on your […]

Chia Seeds 101

Chia seeds are an excellent source of protein, fat, fiber and calcium.1  Specifically, they are a great plant source of omega 3’s which are helpful for the brain, nervous system, and kidneys as well as a great anti-inflammatory.2 Chia seeds are associated with helping many conditions including blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and constipation.3  A […]

Healthy Hair

This post will cover all things related to hair… Strong, healthy, shiny hair is what most women want.  It’s not only a sign of vitality but also a part of our self-image.  “Doing” our hair is part of presenting ourselves to the world each day. We see beautiful hair models on the shampoo commercials but […]

Is It Time for You to Give Up?

Sometimes people resist starting new health programs of various kinds out of a fear that they will need to give up something that they really love.  This could include sleeping in, binging on processed foods, fast food, alcohol, caffeine, animal products, sugar, comfort of any kind, emotional eating, leaving a high stress job and a […]

My Take on the Medical Medium

Many have asked, especially lately, what I think about the “Medical Medium”. For those who might not know about him, I am referring to a man named Anthony William Coviello, who refers to himself as The Medical Medium.  A medium is defined as a person who is able to make contact with the “spirit world” […]

You’re So Sweet

You likely know that refined white sugar, Splenda and aspartame are not health promoting sweeteners.  But what about all the other “more natural” sweeteners?  It seems like there’s a new one every time you turn around. When asking, “What is the best sweetener to use?”, it can be a tricky question to answer.  The answer […]

Are you Healthy?

Defining terms is important.  “Health” is an extremely relative term.   Many doctors will tell their patients that they are healthy if there are no red flags on their blood work (even if they don’t feel well).  Basically, if they don’t have a disease, they are medically healthy. But I’d love for you to consider […]

Raising Testosterone Levels

I have been asked more and more lately how to raise testosterone levels.   This is important to many men for different reasons.  For some it’s because they want to be more aggressive and less fearful or anxious…for others, it has to do with building muscle and looking jacked…and for many it’s about sexual health […]