New Hope Health with Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

Combining science, quantum physics and practical nutrition
for optimal health.

This is not for everyone.
If you are willing to do what it takes after other methods have failed you, Dr. LeAnn will give you the tools, the knowledge, the guidance, and the hope to achieve a level of health you've never had before.

Working with Dr. LeAnn One-on-One

Work with Dr. LeAnn to get to the root cause of your current health challenge instead of simply masking the symptoms. Get world class education specific to your health journey and get access to tools that you can use over and over for you and your family. Work with Dr. LeAnn to get your life back...

Dr. LeAnn’s Straight Talk Approach

Because there is far too much false information in the heath industry
There are no such things as "quick fixes"
Your health is your responsibility
It's work!

Who works with Dr. LeAnn?

Those who want to avoid harmful side effects of medication and the medical field altogether
Parents with sick children
Those who have “weird” health issues that no one else can figure out and want answers once and for all
Busy professionals who need more energy...


Get Healthy Now by Dr. LeAnn Fritz

This is not your typical natural health book... it is so much more. Finally, you will get real answers and practical steps on how to increase your energy, have explosive productivity and be the most amazing you!

Being healthy is about more than just food; It’s a mindset. It’s about thinking differently which will enable you to LIVE differently.

Getting healthy NOW is both a journey and a point in time. Whatever your long term health goals, getting healthy NOW starts with this book...



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Dr. LeAnn is an incredibly fun, insightful and practical speaker who will help to transform your next event or retreat. She loves to deliver hope to people all over the world with life changing presentations on things such as high performance, reducing stress, weight loss, cleaning and detoxification, depression free living, overcoming sleep challenges, breaking addiction and over all transitioning into an optimal plant based life style.

Dr. LeAnn's Resources

Your Weight Loss Blueprint

Dr. LeAnn Fritz reveals the real reason people lose or gain weight, with a 6-week audio program to shed weight and keep it off forever. It's a simple formula and it actually works. Find out what the factors are that are keeping you from releasing the weight you desperately want to get rid of...


Holistic Secrets Revealed

Dr. LeAnn put together this 6-DVD series to give everyday people just like you the opportunity to achieve the best health in the world:

The Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss
Excercise Secrets that produce Visible Results
The Secrets of Conquering Stress

The Secrets of Cleansing and Fasting
The Secrets of Comfortable Digestion
The Secrets of Balanced Blood Sugar

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