Beans are for sure an overlooked superfood.  They are loaded with fiber, protein and lots of vitamins, minerals and other healing plant chemicals.  They’re inexpensive and can be a great base for a healthy and easy meal.

In this post, I want to give you one of my favorite ways to eat beans…hummus!  I used to think I didn’t like hummus.  I had only had the store-bought kinds and didn’t understand what everyone liked about it.  To me, they were bland (even the spicier ones) and pasty.  But once I made my own, I was hooked!

The way I make them, there’s no oil, less fat and WAY more flavor!  I use my hummus as a veggie dip of course but it can also be added to wraps, salads, beans and rice dishes and so much more!

I have found that even my friends, family and clients who don’t love beans, will enjoy them in hummus form.  That said, this is a great dish to bring to a gathering with a fresh veggie tray.

To make beans the most digestible way, I love to buy organic dry beans and soak them overnight.  If you tend to have trouble digesting beans (as in, they give you gas), this will normally help.  If it doesn’t…soak them for 24 hours instead of just over night.  Of course if you don’t have time to soak dry beans, you can always use canned.  Just make sure they’re organic and don’t have any weird preservatives or other junk added.

For best results, I recommend using fresh organic ingredients as much as possible!

The Best Hummus Ever:

-2 cups cooked chickpeas

-1 red pepper (seeds and stem removed)

-1-2 tbls lemon juice

-1 tsp Cumin 

-¼-1/2 tsp cayenne or crushed red pepper flakes

Pink Salt to taste- 2-4 tsp (start with 2 tsp and increase slowly if you like more)

-1-2 cups pure water (start with 1 cup and add more depending on your blender and how think     you like it)

-Optional but amazing: part or all of a jalapeño, 2-3 cloves of fresh garlic and a handful of Brazil nuts

Directions: Add all ingredients to your Vitamix or other blender and blend until creamy.  Taste, make adjustments, blend again, taste again, adjust again as needed…you get the idea.

I love this hummus recipe because…

  1. It tastes amazing.
  2. It’s fast to make.
  3. It’s easy to customize (you can replace the red pepper with a carrot or omit the garlic, etc)
  4. It helps you eat more veggies.
  5. Since the base is beans, you’re getting more fiber, protein and organic sulfur compounds into your diet.
  6. It’s inexpensive so great to make when you’re on a tight budget or want to bring a healthy dish to pass (hummus and a veggie tray).

Share with your friends and try it out…let us know if you LOVE it as much as we do!

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Nothing said or implied in this post is intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.  It does not take the place of a qualified health care practitioner and is intended for educational purposes only.

Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

Dr. LeAnn is a practitioner, coach, speaker, consultant, and the founder of New Hope Health. She is also the author of The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint, and Get Healthy Now. She is laser-focused on practical, evidence-based practices to empower her clients to get real results that last. She sets the bar when it comes to radiant health that will change every area of your life forevermore.

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