You Don’t Have to be Diabetic To Have Blood Sugar Challenges (Part 2)

For the complete story about blood sugar challenges, read part 1 of this blog (this is part 2).

But in case you don’t have time, the bottom line is this:  There are many types of sugar, some healing and some most extremely harmful.  They are not all the same.  Many people have sub-clinical issues due to a consistently high blood sugar.  The result can be issues with weight, energy, sleep, vision, digestion and much more! 

In this blog post, we discover the solutions. 

How to restore a healthy blood sugar balance:

  1. Fiber changes everything (example: orange vs. orange juice)
    • Fruit contains several vitamins, minerals and fiber that fends off the otherwise ill effects of the fructose, so eat whole foods as often as possible.
    • Get at least 25g/day of fiber, which is easy if you’re eating whole foods!
    • Fiber helps you feel fuller longer.
    • It cleans the colon and prevents cancer.
  1. Cinnamon: Has an insulin like effect on blood sugar.  I recommend and use daily, Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon, which you can get at most health food stores.
    • A 12-week London study was recently conducted involving 58 type-2 diabetics with hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels over 7 percent. Hemoglobin A1c is a marker for long-term glycemic control in diabetics.  After 12 weeks on 2g of cinnamon per day, study subjects had significantly lower HbA1c levels, as well as significantly reduced blood pressures.
  1. Stevia: Use Stevia as a sweetener but make sure its in a whole leaf form (it should be green).  Stevia is a South American plant that has a balancing effect on blood sugar.
  2. Stress reduction: Excess stress can actually hinder your body from losing weight and balancing your blood sugar.  Anything that reduces stress will help.  Add one or more of the following to your life in order to reduce stress:  prayer, meditation, laughter, journaling and good sleep habits.  People who don’t get enough sleep are 34% more likely to become diabetic.
  3. Exercise: There are so many benefits… (best results are with higher intensity exercise)
    • Makes cells more sensitive to insulin
    • Improves blood sugar really quickly (but have to stay consistent to keep results)
  1. Calorie restriction/under eating:  For many Americans, we are just eating too much food for our body to handle.  Reducing portions can allow the body to do what it needs to without having to “catch up” all the time (which takes lots of energy).
  2. Mineral intake:  Dark leafy greens and grasses are richest in minerals.  I just add a greens powder to my morning smoothie each day.
  3. Starches: Get your sugars from properly prepared (steamed or lightly boiled) starches like sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans and raw oat groats.
  4. The way you think: Your thoughts make a difference! Genes are turned on/off by thoughts, attitudes and perceptions (read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief).  One of my mentors, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, says, “Genetics loads the gun, you pull the trigger,” meaning that although you may have some genetic tendencies, you don’t have to give into them.  Believe you can have optimal health no matter what!

Think about how getting to the root of THIS ISSUE could change your life and the life of your children, spouse, parents, etc.

Now do you understand the epidemic of cancer, diabetes, childhood obesity, ADHD and the sad state of our nation?

BE the change.

YOU change.

Impact your family and friends.

Make amazing food when you take a dish to pass.

Make an extra smoothie for a coworker.

Play outside and do something fun that doesn’t involve sugar!

What is the ONE most critical step for you to take?  Write it down, tell a friend…or better yet, do it with a friend.  Today is your day!

Nothing said or implied in this post is intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.  It does not take the place of a qualified health care practitioner and is intended for educational purposes only.

Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

Dr. LeAnn is a practitioner, coach, speaker, consultant, and the founder of New Hope Health. She is also the author of The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint, and Get Healthy Now. She is laser-focused on practical, evidence-based practices to empower her clients to get real results that last. She sets the bar when it comes to radiant health that will change every area of your life forevermore.

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