Relax with Rhodiola

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Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb commonly used to support those with depression, anxiety and fatigue.1  Adaptogens like this help the body adapt to stress.  This is one of my favorite herbs for those with high stress, especially if it’s coupled with hormone challenges.

My favorite reasons to love Rhodiola:

  • Some of its medicinal actions include adaptogen, tonic (tones and supports the organs and glands), stimulant (energy), mental enhancer (clarity), anti-stress (puts a barrier between you and the lions you are running from), antioxidant (think decreased inflammation), immuno-stimulant (helps activate your immune system) and cardioprotective (good for the heart and blood vessels).2
  • A low dose tends to give energy and be more stimulating while a higher dose has the opposite effect, being more calming and sedating.2
  • It can also help with physical endurance, sexual potency, thyroid support, thymus issues and adrenal concerns.2
  • It is grown in Europe and Asia in higher altitudes.  The roots and rhizomes of this special plant have the ability to increase resistance to chemical, biological and physical stressors.1  So pretty much help protect you from toxic environments.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any dangerous toxic effects even in higher doses.

Adaptogen, the product:  For many years I have used this whole food supplement with clients, which is an herbal combination, but the primary ingredient is rhodiola.  I love this product to help with those who are in extremely high stress situations often with adrenal or other hormonal concerns.  Due to its adaptogenic qualities, I have found it helpful in these stressful situations to really aid in weight loss (if due to stress), sleep challenges and anxiety. 

It’s rare but on occasion, someone taking rhodiola reports feeling more ramped up instead of calmer.  In those cases, they most likely just actually need a higher dose, which is not what you’d intuitively think to do.

Most adults could use some “anti-stress, chill-out-but-don’t-fall-asleep-during-the-day” type of support.  This is my go to!  Most adults need between 3-9 capsules per day, always taken in the morning. 

As a holistic practitioner, I always love to know exactly what you need and how much.  If you want a program specific for your body’s needs, reach out to schedule your initial consultation today!


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