Vitamix Blender

Besides maybe a knife, there’s nothing I use in my kitchen more than my Vitamix Blender! I love this powerful time saving tool!


I have had a Vitamix for over 10 years now and use it daily. Now that I have one, I can’t imagine going back to other blenders… You can make:

  • SMOOTH smoothies(No more chunks… Put in whole ginger root, whole flax seed, whole carrots… And you’ll come out with only a smooth blend!)
  • Creamy nut-based sauces. (No gritty texture!)
  • Home-made hummus. (Even with whole garlic cloves, everything is blended evenly.)
  • “Nice” cream. (Made from frozen banana chunks blended into a creamy “ice cream”– one of my husband’s favorites!)
  • …And much more!

With a Vitamix, you can make delicious, whole-food meals in minutes. Find the blender that fits your lifestyle here.


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