Can’t Lose Weight? There’s Always a Reason!

Having a hard time losing weight?  I know…it can be SO frustrating.  I have been there.

But more importantly, I have had the privilege of helping TONS of people JUST LIKE YOU reach their ideal weight for good! 

There are a few uncommon things to consider that may help you along the way: 

Weight is a SYMPTOM! (It’s not the problem itself)  

If the gas light comes on in your car, you could turn it off by smashing it… But of course, that wouldn’t address the real issue (that you’re about to run out of gas.)  Eventually, you’d be stranded on the side of the road.  The same is true for your weight.  When your body is healthy and functioning properly, the weight will come off naturally and will be easily maintained.  The body was created to heal itself if it has the proper raw materials, and weight loss is part of that natural healing system.

Balanced hormones (in both men and women) play an integral effect on the body’s ability to shed unwanted fat weight.  

So how do our hormones become unbalanced?  One of the biggest offenders is from synthetic hormones injected into animal products (meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt, etc.).  Conventional farmers give estrogen to their animals because it makes them bigger.  (If you’re selling meat by the pound, bigger animals means more profit.)  However, when consumed, these animals and animal products will make us bigger too!  

Soy and soy products are also hormone disrupters.  Most soy is genetically modified as well, which adds to the toxic load of the body.  Birth control and many other medications can cause hormone imbalances as well as ANYTHING that depletes or otherwise hinders the liver (as many hormones are produced in the liver).  For starters, eat organic (especially if you consume animal products), avoid soy, and know what your medications are doing.

However, believe it or not…

A lack of sleep is one of the BIGGEST challenges that stands in the way of you losing the weight you’re wanting to lose.  

Most adults need 7-8 hours of good quality sleep each night, ideally from 10 PM to 6 AM because that is when your body goes into healing mode.  When you sleep, the body heals, repairs and re-sets.  People who don’t get enough sleep each night have increased cravings for sugar and caffeine, both of which are harmful to the liver (causing hormone imbalances, among other things).  A lack of sleep also increases ghrelin, the hormone that says, “it’s time to eat,” and decreases leptin, the hormone that says, “you’ve had enough,” creating the perfect storm for weight gain.  Do your best to create a peaceful wind down routine each night so you can set your body up to shed pounds while you snooze!  

**Client case study**

I had a 38-year-old female client with many health problems.  Her weight wouldn’t budge despite much effort.  Come to find out, she was only sleeping about 4 hours per night.  After reiterating the importance of being asleep from 10PM to 6AM, she improved her sleep habits and lost 13 lbs. in about 35 days with no other changes! 

Takeaway? Don’t underestimate the power of sleep!

Excess weight means that there are excess toxins in the body.  When a toxin is consumed, it becomes surrounded by a fat cell.  Your body does this in order to keep you safe, rather than allowing that harmful toxic material to run freely in your bloodstream.  It isn’t until you have created a strong and safe environment in the body that the toxic material can be released and eliminated. Don’t be deceived by products claiming to “detox the body in 3 days” or other such claims…  If you have been “toxic” for years, it will take a long-term lifestyle change to reverse this path.  

And where do these toxins come from?  Of course from foods containing dyes, preservatives, synthetic flavorings, hormones, etc.  But also from personal care products such as lotions, deodorants and hair spray, as well as household cleaning products such as laundry detergent, shower cleaners and bleach. Medications, both over the counter and prescription, also increase the toxic load in the body.  Although trace amounts on occasion are no problem for a healthy body, when we introduce these toxins several times per day, the cumulative effects are dangerous and extra weight is needed to shield you from being harmed by these substances.  

Clean water, both to drink and shower in, are also critical.  If you have city water, it is highly advised that you get a shower filter and buy your water from a clean source or put in a filtration system.  Reduce the toxic load on the body by switching to more pure and natural personal products, foods and cleaners.  Also, eating lots of dark leafy organic greens daily gives a gentle and natural detoxifying effect on the body.  (I personally love green smoothies!)

Although weight loss is not ONLY about calories in verses calories out, the quantity and quality of our nutrition plays a huge role in the body’s ability to release excess weight.  Eating mostly organic whole foods (which include fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, whole grains, beans and lentils) is critical when it comes to giving the body what it needs to feel safe enough to release the excess weight. Organic food has more minerals than conventionally grown food and, of course, fewer toxins.  Plant-based (a diet based primarily on foods that grow in their natural state) is also important as it’s higher in nutrition and easier to digest than animal products and processed foods (breads, chips, crackers, cereals, etc.).  

Another critical nutrition factor that can have big implication on your body’s ability to release excess weight is the condition of the liver and gallbladder and its ability to adequately process your fat intake.  Reducing oils of all kinds as well as highly heated fats (like those found in processed foods, fast food, baked goods, etc.) is a huge help to these overworked organs.  Although it takes time and practice, eating clean is always the best way to go.

Emotional stress and negative thinking can literally pack on the pounds.  “As a man thinks, so he is!” It’s true and SO powerful.  Your brain will always give you the answer that you’re looking for.  So, for example, if you’re always asking “Why am I so fat?” or “Why can’t I lose weight?”, it will come up with reasons…”You don’t have the will power…” “It’s too hard…” “You’ve always been that way…” etc.  To get better answers, ask better questions such as, “How can I nourish my body better today than I did yesterday?” Or, “How can I become fit and healthy?” Or, “What habits could I implement to get better sleep?”  These positively framed questions will draw a more solution oriented, hope-giving focus to your thoughts and energy.  Also, constant mental stress creates hormone imbalances, decreases digestive power as well as depletes many minerals in the body, which are all critical components of achieving a healthy weight.  One of the easiest ways to alleviate this emotional stress is to do several long, slow, deep breaths several times per day.  Deep breathing can be done anywhere, doesn’t cost a dime, and tends to calm the nervous system (again creating a safer space for the body to release extra weight).  Of course another great stress buster is exercise…

Not just any exercise will work for weight loss!  If you really want to shed weight, you’ll need to PUSH yourself.  Since this is so difficult for many people, I highly recommend working with a like-minded workout buddy or even a personal trainer. We all know people who work out daily but don’t reach their goals.  There is a reason!  Use cardiovascular exercise as an example: if you walk daily, your body, including your heart gets used to that level of stress and eventually it has less impact.  At that point it becomes important to add speed or hills or some way to make it more difficult.  A muscle (including your heart) responds better if you vary the type of stress that you put on it.  The same goes for weight training, which by the way is critical for weight loss. If you always work with a weight that is easily “do-able” and you’re not pushing hard, it’s probably not enough to see the results that you’re wanting so that you can lose extra pounds.  Increasing muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories each day than you would without that extra muscle.

One of my greatest joys is to see those who have excess weight and other health challenges BREAK FREE and enjoy their optimal weight and abundant health, naturally and without unneeded stress, hunger and cravings.  I know you can do it! 

Nothing said or implied in this post is intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.  It does not take the place of a qualified health care practitioner and is intended for educational purposes only.

Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

Dr. LeAnn is a practitioner, coach, speaker, consultant, and the founder of New Hope Health. She is also the author of The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint, and Get Healthy Now. She is laser-focused on practical, evidence-based practices to empower her clients to get real results that last. She sets the bar when it comes to radiant health that will change every area of your life forevermore.

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