Holistic Secrets Revealed, DVD Set

The Holistic Secrets Revealed DVD set includes almost 12 hours of natural health content on 6 DVDs.


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The Holistic Secrets Revealed Series was put together to give everyday people, just like you, the opportunity to achieve the best health in the world.

This educational series give you life-changing, research based health information in a practical way so that you can easily implement the concepts into your daily life!

These incredible classes will give you value as you watch them over and over again. They make great gifts for your health minded friends and family.

The Set Includes:

The Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss

The Secrets of Comfortable Digestion

The Secrets of Balanced Blood Sugar

Exercise Secrets that Produce Visible Results

The Secrets of Conquering Stress

The Secrets of Cleansing and Fasting


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