At New Hope Health, we use several types of testing including QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), Micronutrient testing, genetic testing and even food sensitivity testing to determine the best path to your goals. We also use medicinal mud packing, emotional repolarization technique, specific foods and supplements to help support your success.
We do not take insurance. The main reason for this is that insurance companies don’t cover what we do. They primarily cover 5-minute office visits and pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by medical doctors. At New Hope Health, we work very differently. In your consultations with Dr. LeAnn, she will dive deep into your circumstances and rather than prescribing medications, she will recommend various dietary adjustments, lifestyle upgrades and natural supplements to help balance your system and get to the root cause of your challenges.
Although there is a place for allopathic physicians, especially in emergency situations, a holistic doctor is an important part of your health team if you’re looking to prevent and reverse health challenges in a less invasive, more natural way using things like lifestyle upgrades and cell resonate supplements rather than medications.
Every naturopath and holistic doctor practices in a different way. There are 3 things I would look for. First, you want to find someone with fruit on the tree. In other words, someone who is helping people get RESULTS. Second, you want to seek out a practitioner with integrity … i.e. they walk the walk and look the part. And finally, you need to work with someone that you trust and feel safe with.
Come to your appointments on time and be ready to share any challenges or questions you might have. Also, follow your program as best as you’re able and if you get stuck, never struggle alone! Reach out to us for help. Once you become part of the New Hope Health family, we love walking with you on your journey. Asking questions and getting help is one of the best ways to speed your success.
Yes! Dr. LeAnn did her dissertation research in the weight loss field and literally wrote the book on it. Although nutrition is important and is indeed one factor for losing weight, there is so much more to it than the outdated adage of just “eating less and exercising more”. Also, at New Hope Health, we focus on FAT LOSS more than weight loss. When the weight you lose comes from fat rather than water or lean muscle, you will look, feel and BE so much healthier as opposed to just becoming a slave to the scale.
By seeking the root cause of your health challenges and focusing on becoming balanced in all body systems, Dr. LeAnn will create a program specific for you and your unique goals. The great thing is that because everything in the body is connected, it’s common for you to be working on improving insomnia, but as an unexpected side benefit, you may also improve your focus, lose weight and have radiant skin, just to name a few.
Yes, when practiced prudently, natural medicine is a powerful way to dramatically improve your health.
Any doctor with appropriate training can specialize in weight loss. But ultimately, all doctors should be good at weight loss, because it’s really about balancing the body so the weight comes off easily and naturally. We regularly see clients who say, “my weight is going down and I am not even thinking about it or working at it.”
Your next cells are made out of the foods you are eating. Nutrition is key for healing and optimal wellness. At New Hope Health, we understand how complicated this topic can be. We help our clients discern between fact and fiction and simplify it so that eating is enjoyable and effective for helping you lose body fat, increase energy and heal!
The term “holistic” is a broad term that encompasses anyone who practices in a natural way. Holistic practitioners could potentially include: homeopathic doctors, some chiropractors, naturopaths and even some nutritionists.
We have fruit on the tree: our clients get results! If something isn’t working, we are here to help you get unstuck and move forward to the next level. When you are part of the New Hope Health family, you are never alone on your health journey. We will stop at nothing to get to the root cause of your challenges. We love to work in teams to ensure you’re getting the best results!
Get Healthy Now is a book that Dr. LeAnn wrote with this exact question in mind. It is divided into categories and written in an easy tip format so you can go in order or just to specific areas that you feel more comfortable starting with. Some of the most important things that you can do for your health include basics like staying hydrated and getting good quality sleep as well as working with a coach/doctor/mentor who can help you navigate more challenging health concerns or areas where you’re feeling stuck.
QRA is a type of muscle testing, sometimes referred to as applied kinesiology. Unlike many forms of muscle testing which are less accurate, QRA is a highly refined method of non-invasive testing that allows the body to tell us exactly what organs and glands need support. From there, creating your customized wellness program becomes simple and we are able to give you exactly what you need.
There are SO many reasons that people struggle to lose weight. QRA can help us pinpoint what they are. Is there a hormone challenge? Immune stress? Poorly functioning digestion? By figuring out the root cause of your weight issues, we can start peeling back layers of the onion using QRA to guide exactly what you need.
Just as your body has a circulatory system that moves blood to every cell in the body, you also have an energy system that works in a somewhat similar way. When the body is in a low mineral state (common) and you are injured via accidents, broken bones, surgeries, tattoos etc, it can create an energetic blockage. This can cause waste to build up in that area and also starve the given area of needed nutrients. The mud packing remediates this. You will love it! This relaxing therapy takes place in a quiet room where you are laying on a full spectrum heating pad made with healing stones. The mud is placed on the given areas, and you just rest for 20-30 minutes, until it is ready and has done its work. You leave feeling calm and relaxed!
ERT is the emotional version of mud packing. Just as you can have physical scars and traumas that block energy, you can also have subconscious emotional traumas. Sometimes these emotional blockages can cause you to self-sabotage your own efforts. For this therapy, we also use QRA to identify stuck emotional concepts so you can simply and easily clear them. ERT is helpful for breaking through areas where you feel stuck in self sabotaging cycles.
Dr. LeAnn has helped men, woman and children of all ages and with nearly every condition you can think of ranging from headaches, skin issues, weight loss and digestive challenges, to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver disease.
We’d LOVE to get you started. The best thing to do is to call the clinic and reserve a spot on Dr. LeAnn’s calendar: 269-204-6525