Dr. LeAnn Fritz, DNM, PhD
Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD, is who you want to go to if you want to live symptom free and reach optimal wellness.  She has a degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s Degree in Live Food/Vegan Nutrition and a PhD in Natural Medicine with an emphasis in Quantum Physics.  She is a nationally trusted practitioner, researcher, entrepreneur, speaker and author who never settles for just getting out of pain but rather LOVES to empower others to achieve radiant health!

LeAnn’s multi-faceted knowledge of how the mind-body works brings a fresh and all-encompassing perspective to the health needs of her clients and followers throughout the country.  With so much confusion around the topic of health, LeAnn has worked with some of the brightest minds in the world and emphasizes the importance of holding to an evidence based practice.  She understands how to use laser-like precision to cut through the confusion and inspire people just like you to stop settling and start striving for your best health ever.  

Dr. LeAnn has conducted innovative research around holistic weight loss, a study that evaluated the effects of verbal statements on the weight loss process.  From this study came her most recent book, The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint!  She is also the author of the practical book, “Get Healthy Now”, a great resource to jump-start your health journey.  LeAnn is one of the few practitioners who uses a truly quantum approach to optimal health by recognizing the role of not only food, sleep and exercise but also emotions, stress and environment on one’s overall wellness.

Because of LeAnn’s commitment to optimal health, she has been on a whole food organic vegan diet for nearly 10 years.  When she learned and felt the amazing benefits of a this way of eating, she switched and has never looked back.  One of her favorite things to do is to create new and exciting food creations in her kitchen for friends and family.  LeAnn loves to read (part of her addiction to learning and research), dance, exercise, invest in real estate and take long walks to connect with her best friend, partner and husband, Mike, the absolute love of her life.  LeAnn LOVES enjoying nature in warm weather places…She believes that since we were created naked, snow and cold weather is unnatural and not fit for humans to live in.  LeAnn currently lives in sunny Arizona and has a clinic in southwest Michigan.   LeAnn is a very passionate person but nothing overshadows her passion for her God, husband, family and her love to help people take control of their health once and for all.

Christy Mohmand, Administrative Holistic Health Assistant
Christy is Dr. LeAnn’s Administrative Holistic Health Assistant. She plays an essential role in caring for clients by offering ongoing support, answering any questions, and facilitating communication within the clinic. Christy is passionate about nutrition and is continuously striving for optimal health.  She loves traveling and has traveled to thirty countries. At New Hope Health, Christy makes sure no client walks alone in their healing journey.


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