Dr. LeAnn Fritz, DNM, PhD
What do you get when you combine a naturopathic doctor with someone who has a degree in both Exercise Science and Live Food and Vegan Nutrition?  One of the best choices in the health industry to help you reach optimal wellness!  Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD, a nationally trusted authority, practitioner, entrepreneur, speaker and author LOVES to empower others to achieve optimal wellness!

Dr. LeAnn’s multi-faceted knowledge of how the mind-body works brings a fresh and all-encompassing perspective to the health needs of her clients throughout the country.  With so much confusion around the topic of health, Dr. LeAnn has worked with some of the brightest minds in the world and understands how to use laser-like precision to cut through the confusion and inspire people, just like you to stop settling and start striving for your best health ever.

Dr. LeAnn is the author of the book, “Get Healthy Now”, a great resource to help jump start your health journey.  She is also currently working on a research project called “The Quantum Weight Loss Study” which is looking at the impact and power of verbal and non-verbal statements on weight loss. LeAnn is one of the few practitioners who uses a truly quantum approach to optimal health by recognizing the role of not only food, sleep and exercise but also emotions, stress and environment on one’s overall wellness.



Cassie Davito, Executive Assistant
Cassie is Dr. LeAnn’s Executive Assistant and plays a key role at New Hope Health. She works side by side with clients helping them reach the health goals set by them and Dr. LeAnn. The reason why many people often struggle reaching their health goals is due to having no one walk the journey alongside them. Cassie makes sure this is never true of a New Hope Health client.
Cassie is a young professional and loves helping people reach optimum health.




Jennifer Valente, Mud Packing Consultant
Jen is Dr. LeAnn’s Mud Packing Consultant. With mud packing as a critical part of the body’s healing journey, Jen’s expertise ensures the best experience for each client session.  Jen is the mother of two beautiful girls and loves spending time with her husband and family.  She is making a huge difference in the lives of New Hope Health clients.