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Keto– What’s the Big Deal?

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The “Keto” diet has taken the nation by storm and is the latest fad diet as it pertains to weight loss.  Let’s start out with a basic definition to ensure we are on the same page.  Keto is short for ketosis, which is the term used when the body uses fat for fuel as opposed […]

Time for an Oil Change- Get Healthy Now

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Seriously, no oil?  Not even coconut or olive oil? I know.  I was sad too at first.  But again, we have to look at the evidence. The use of oils in cooking/food prep has become a big controversy lately.  For me, I don’t care so much about the oil-free “movement” per se as I do […]

Coconut Oil for Diabetes? Get Healthy Now

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A holistic health care colleague of mine just sent me this article that talks about how MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids/MCTs (medium chain triglycerides)) can help in type 2 diabetes (among other things).1  The article is in the reference list below if you want to read the entire thing.  It’s a good study and I like […]